Julia Katsivo

Andrew is a life saver. He has an incredible understanding of end-user experience and this insight is seen in the way he builds systems for small business people, like me. Andrew was fast and efficient. He protected my sites, built my online program portals, and built and maintained my conference website. I'm covered and the first to know when my site is down. If my site is slow to respond or has issues, I'm the first - and this is critical in the age of social media and instant gratification.

I recommended my friend, a fellow business professional to Andrew and within hours she texted me to tell me what I already knew - he is fast and HE DOES IT! He fixes problems.

Andrew is a must have on your team if efficiency and a seamless user experience is a top value for your business.

Julia Katsivo - Nov 12, 2017
Founder of Katindi Communications Inc.

I met Andrew when I was in total meltdown mode over my website! My payments did not work, my formatting was a mess, my images were all over the place. I was under serious pressure to get it launched, and the web design company I was working with told me what I wanted would need to be all custom coded and would cost me a small fortune. I spent three weeks working with that company and hardly anything got done.

Within 30 minutes, Andrew had my payments working! And the next day all my issues were solved!

To say Andrew is the fastest programmer I have ever seen would not do him justice. He is the epitome of professional, and most importantly, honest. He is also extremely patient. He does not treat you like an annoyance because you are not 100% sure on your design. He makes the changes right away, and is happy to offer great suggestions if you ask him. He completely understands that your website is the face of your business so it has to be right!

I have enjoyed working with Andrew so much, and will continue to do so! If you need a programmer, then this is your guy! I will emphatically recommend him to everyone I meet who needs an IT professional.

Lauralynn Baxter - Nov 14, 2017
Founder of Modern Skin Co.
Lauralynn Baxter