Below are some projects that I have worked on.


Virtual Pet Directory

A voting site for any online games on the available where people are able to post their own sites but also see what else is out there.

An online game site where users are able to make their own virtual pets and play various games.
I am currently working on a complete recode of this game using the Laravel Framework.


A SaaS (software as a service) application used to monitor server availability.


An under-development online game site.

Laravel Plugins

Asset Processor

A quick and easy way to manage and process assets in the Laravel Framework.

Feed Reader

A simple RSS feed reader for the Laravel Framework.

Layout View

A quick and easy way to handle different layouts in the Laravel Framework.


A Laravel 4.2 base model that will allow for revisions to be made and tracked.

Other Scripts

PDO Wrapper

A database object built with PDO used to abstract away the binding of query parameters so you only need to use a minorly modified version of SQL.


Random scripts that I use on a regular basis.