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RDP – Copy and Paste Issues

So, for the past little while I've been plagued with the inability to copy and paste code/data on a remote machien. This has been bothering me for the last little bit. Finally today I decided to actually try to resolve the issue.

So, I went to my trusty source Google to tell me how to fix the issue, and I found out a little more about how it works.

Apparently when you RDP to a server, and try to copy and paste, it is using an application called "rdpclip.exe". When copying and pasting fails, all you really need to do it restart this application.

So, to do that you can just type into command prompt the following:

taskkill.exe /F /im rdpclip.exe & rdpclip.exe

This will kill any of the currently active versions of the application, and then restart it.

Happy pasting!


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